10 DIY Storage Solutions Your Home Needs Now

Magazine Holders: Repurpose magazine holders to store and organize items like cutting boards, baking sheets, or lids.

Rolling Cart: Build a rolling cart with shelves or drawers for mobile storage in the kitchen, bathroom, or craft room.

Tension Rod Dividers: Use tension rods to create dividers in drawers or cabinets to organize baking sheets, trays, or pot lids.

Shoebox Charging Station: Create a charging station by covering shoeboxes in decorative paper to hold and charge electronic devices.

Bookcase Closet Organizer: Turn a bookcase into a closet organizer by adding clothing rods and shelves for shoes and accessories.

PVC Pipe Cord Organizer: Use PVC pipes to create a cord organizer that keeps charging cables and cords untangled.

Drawer Pull Towel Racks: Repurpose decorative drawer pulls or knobs as towel racks in the bathroom or kitchen.

Staircase Storage: Add pull-out drawers or shelves to the risers of your staircase for hidden storage.

Peg Coat Rack: Install a peg coat rack in your entryway or mudroom to hang coats, bags, and hats.