10 Easy Up And Down Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Chic Half-Up Hairstyle

Wrap a 1-inch chunk of hair around the base of the ponytail to dress up a plain half-up look. To keep the look in place, use two bobby pins locked into a crisscross shape!

2. Long Curls

Wear your hair down this season to highlight your distinct curl pattern. This is a terrific technique to show off your texture while keeping your curls loose and down.

3. Sleek Braid Hairstyle

Give your standard three-strand braid a quick but noticeable makeover. With a little hair gel, you can transform this tired look into a sleek fashion statement.

4. Braided Bun Updo

In this charming and stylish braided style, pull part of your hair up and out of your face. Wear your hair in waves while wearing this updo to amp up your look even more.

5. Crimped Curls

Wash your hair a couple hours before going to bed and let it air dry until it's around 85% dry. Then divide your hair into sections and make little three-strand braids all over your head.

6. Stick Straight Long Hairstyle

The stick-straight hair trend is bringing back memories of the 1990s! Take out your straightener and smooth your strands into this sleek look.

7. Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Make sure to pancake your braid with your fingers for a fantastic 3D effect. This gigantic plait is a terrific appearance for special occasions!

8. Wear a Hat

The hat, our faithful buddy and the one accessory that never fails us. Wear it over waves or curls, clean or dirty strands, long-ish hair, or mermaid-length locks.

9.  Bobble Updo Hairstyle

The wobble effect is frequently underestimated, which we think is a tragedy. This dynamic design will transport you back to your childhood while also making you seem stylish.

10. Twisted Updo Hairstyle

This twisted updo is the solution. Twist your hair again into a loose low bun for a cute and simple look. 

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