10 Items to Never Order at McDonald’s

1. Filet-O-Fish

Although flavorful, the fried fish patty is high in fat and calories, which may interfere with your dietary objectives. 

2. Large Fries

A larger size could result in excessive calorie consumption, compromising your health goals. 

3. Big Breakfast Platter

This brunch item may appear to be the ideal way to start the day, but it is actually a calorie and fat bomb.

4. McFlurry

Occasional consumption of this sweet treat is acceptable, but regular consumption could contribute to excessive sugar and calorie consumption.

5. Triple Cheeseburger

This burger is loaded with calories, cholesterol, and sodium, as it contains three beef patties and multiple cheese slices.

6. Large Soft Drink

A large soft drink may appear to be a refreshing beverage to pair with a meal, but it is laden with sugar and empty calories.

7. Hotcakes With Syrup

The pancakes are high in calories and carbohydrates, and the syrup significantly increases the meal's sugar content. 

8. Chicken McNuggets

The use of highly processed poultry meat contributes to the overall unhealthiness of this menu item.

9. McRib Sandwich

The McRib is a limited edition menu item that has gained quite a following, but it is not a healthy option.

10. Chocolate Shake

These smoothies are typically loaded with unhealthy additives and preservatives and are high in sugar and calories.

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