10 Pro Tips for Traveling With Makeup


To reduce space and prevent spills, put foundation and moisturizer in travel-sized containers.

Makeup Bags:

A makeup bag with pockets or pouches keeps makeup organized and prevents product loss while travel.

Multipurpose Items:

To reduce space in your cosmetic bag, choose multipurpose items like BB creams that hydrate, sunscreen, and foundation.

Makeup Case:

Keep your stuff safe when traveling with a sturdy makeup case with compartments and lockable closures.

Protect Powders:

Add a cotton pad or ball to blush or eyeshadow compacts to prevent fracturing if jostled.

Use primer:

To keep makeup in place during long travel days, use a primer.

makeup brushes

To keep cosmetic brushes clean and straight in your makeup bag, use a brush holder or empty eyeglass box.

remover wipes:

Take makeup remover wipes for long flights to make makeup removal easy.

Check TSA Rules:

To ensure your makeup meets TSA screening standards, familiarize yourself with liquid and gel carry-on restrictions.

setting spray:

Use a beauty setting spray to keep your makeup fresh when traveling.

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