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10 Things Millennials Secretly Envy About Boomer

Job Security

Boomers often experienced more stable employment opportunities with long-term job security, company loyalty, and generous benefits.


Many boomers purchased homes at a time when prices were relatively low, making it easier for them to build equity and secure affordable housing.

Economic Stability

Boomers witnessed a period of economic growth and prosperity, allowing them to accumulate wealth and financial stability.

Traditional Retirement

Boomers were more likely to have access to traditional pension plans and retire at a fixed age, providing them with a clear path to retirement.

Social Interaction

Boomers grew up in a time when face-to-face interactions were the norm, and they often had more extensive social networks and community connections.

Higher Interest Rates

Boomers experienced higher interest rates on their savings, allowing them to generate more income from their investments and savings accounts.


Many boomers had the opportunity to pursue higher education at a relatively lower cost compared to millennials who face increasing student loan debt.

Less Technological Overload

Boomers didn't grow up with the constant presence of technology, which some millennials might envy as they navigate the challenges of information overload and digital dependency.