11 Weird Facts About Jersey Mike’s

Founder's Inspiration

The restaurant's name, Jersey Mike's, was inspired by the founder Peter Cancro's high school nickname, "Jersey Mike," given to him due to his love for the Jersey Shore.

Teenage Entrepreneur

Peter Cancro, the founder, was only 17 years old when he purchased his first sandwich shop, then called Mike's Subs, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, back in 1975.

Secret Menu

Jersey Mike's has a "secret menu" with items not listed on the regular menu. These include creative options like the "Chicken Cordon Bleu" sub or the "Roast Beef and Turkey Reuben."

Sliced Fresh

One of Jersey Mike's unique features is their policy of slicing meats and cheeses fresh to order, ensuring that each sandwich is made with freshly cut ingredients.

Bread Baking

Jersey Mike's bread is baked in-store every morning. The freshly baked bread is a significant part of what makes their sandwiches delicious.

Submarine Tradition

Jersey Mike's embraces the "submarine" sandwich tradition by using submarine-style bread and offering a variety of classic submarine-style sandwiches.

Community Involvement

Jersey Mike's is actively involved in supporting local communities. Each year, during their "Month of Giving," they donate a significant portion of their sales to local charities.

Jersey Shore Roots

The restaurant's first location in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, still operates today and is considered the birthplace of Jersey Mike's.