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14 Things We Buy and Then Almost Never Use

Exercise equipment

Many people purchase exercise machines, weights, or fitness gadgets with the intention of working out regularly. However, these items often end up collecting dust and are seldom used.

Specialty kitchen appliances

Appliances like bread makers, juicers, and pasta machines are frequently bought with enthusiasm but often remain unused due to the effort required or lack of time.

Formal clothing

Formal attire, such as tuxedos or fancy dresses, is typically reserved for special occasions, leading to infrequent use.

DIY tools

Tools for home improvement projects, such as power drills or saws, are often bought for specific tasks but may gather dust once the project is completed.

Musical instruments

Many people purchase musical instruments with the intention of learning to play or picking up a hobby. However, lack of time or dedication often leads to infrequent use.


Despite good intentions, books can end up unread on shelves due to busy schedules, digital distractions, or simply losing interest in the particular titles.

Camping gear

Items like tents, sleeping bags, and camping stoves are often purchased for occasional outdoor adventures but may see limited use throughout the year.

Sports equipment

Equipment for various sports, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, or bicycles, may be bought with enthusiasm but can become underutilized over time.