26 Smart Ways to Recycle and Reuse Your Trash

Make a bird feeder by cutting holes in a plastic bottle, filling it with birdseed, and attaching it to a tree or pole. It provides food for birds and reduces plastic waste.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Cut out interesting images or words from old magazines and create collages or artwork. It's a fun and creative way to reuse magazine pages.

Magazine Collage Art

Write the names of plants on old plastic utensils and stick them into the soil to create plant markers for your garden or indoor plants.

Plastic Utensil Plant Markers

Use empty cardboard tubes (from paper towels or toilet paper) to wrap and store cords to prevent them from tangling.

Cardboard Tube Cord Organizer

Remove the booklet from a CD case and insert a photo to create a unique picture frame. It's a clever way to give old CD cases a new purpose.

CD Case Picture Frame

Cut up old t-shirts or towels into squares to use as reusable cloth wipes for cleaning surfaces, dusting, or even as baby wipes.

Reusable Cloth Wipes

Glue magnets to the back of bottle caps and use them as decorative fridge magnets or to hold notes and reminders.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Clean and reuse coffee cans as plant pots, storage containers, or as a pencil holder on your desk.

Repurposed Coffee Cans