6 Big Dog Breeds That Make Great Family Pets

Great Danes

The biggest dog breed, Great Danes are also the nicest. Though they'll cheerfully guard their homes, Danes are “moderately playful” and “affectionate.”

The main negative is that this breed lives 6–8 years on average. Young children and parents sometimes struggle with pet loss.

Staffordshire bull terriers

Despite pit bull stereotypes, Staffordshire Bull Terriers have traditionally been gentle family pets. 

making obedience training fun with positive reinforcement and prizes for this breed. A hint: Positive reinforcement works well for most dogs.

Bernese mountain dogs

This attractive breed has unique fur coloration, but don't be fooled by its large size. Bernese mountain dogs are the most sensitive.

German shepherds

Their heightened energy makes them terrific companions for older youngsters or aspiring athletes, and they may be fantastic guardians for kids who aren't in their parents' sight.


These dogs have plenty of hair to groom, but they also have lots of affection. Your Newfie's regular grooming may teach your youngster responsibility.

Newfoundlands are loving and hard to anger around people, children, and other dogs. That's why they're called "nanny dogs," too!


Their stature made them popular with European aristocracy, but today they are therapy and search-and-rescue dogs.

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