7 Big Changes You'll See at Starbucks This Year

Starbucks has purportedly gained billions from consumers installing syrup pumps or alternate milk options. Starting in May 2023, the brand will charge $1

Ice is a crucial ingredient in many coffee chain drinks, as cold beverages account about 75% of sales. Starbucks announced the introduction of "good ice

Starbucks will fulfill customers' growing demand for takeout and delivery. The brand's website says, "Innovating with more responsible stores

Our beverage innovation is strong, but food needs improvement. In a May earnings call, Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan observed

The brand has announced the prospect of new plant-based foods (not just the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich!) and vegan and vegetarian bagels

Starbucks has supported the LGTBQIA2S+ community by supporting the Equality Act, fighting discrimination, and recruiting LGBTQIA2+ partners 

Starbucks has many unique locations worldwide and many in the U.S., but it's not ready to stop expanding. QSR Magazine reports that it will reserve 90%

Starbucks wants to eliminate millions of waste items from landfills by switching to reusable packaging instead of paper and plastic cups. 

In Japan, Singapore, and London, Starbucks offers "Borrow A Cup" where consumers can use a reusable cup that can be returned to stores,

 washed, and reused by other customers. Starbucks is experimenting compostable straws to replace plastic ones.

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