7 Clear Signs That Cats Trust Their Owners


 While cats might purr for various reasons, when they purr while being petted or sitting on your lap, it's a good sign they feel safe and comfortable with you.

Slow Blinking: 

Often referred to as "cat kisses," a slow blink from a cat towards a person indicates trust and affection.

Exposing Their Belly:

 The belly is a vulnerable area for cats. If a cat rolls over and shows its belly, it's signaling trust. However, this doesn't always mean they want belly rubs!

Bringing You "Gifts":

 If your cat occasionally brings you dead insects, birds, or toys, it's a sign of trust and might even be a teaching or sharing gesture.

Following You Around:

 A cat that trusts you might follow you from room to room, wanting to be close and involved in what you're doing.


Cats often knead with their paws on soft surfaces, which stems from their kittenhood behavior of kneading their mother for milk. If a cat kneads when near you, it's a sign of comfort and trust.

Sleeping on or Near You:

 Sleep is a vulnerable time for any animal. If a cat chooses to sleep on your lap or close to you, it's displaying a high level of trust.

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