8 Beautiful Evergreen Flowers That Bloom All Year Round

These flowers are known for their bright and large blooms which come in colors like pink, red, and white. They tend to bloom in late fall, winter, and early spring.


Famous for their vibrant colors, bougainvilleas are a popular choice in many warm climates. They bloom in bright colors like pink, orange, and purple.


While some azaleas are deciduous, many are evergreen, offering year-round foliage with a stunning bloom in the spring.


Similar to azaleas, rhododendrons are evergreens that provide year-round greenery and a spectacular bloom in spring.


This plant is known for its fragrant flowers which bloom in late winter to early spring and its attractive evergreen foliage.


Noted for its bright yellow flowers that bloom in winter, this plant can add a splash of color during the colder months.

Winter Jasmine

This plant produces tiny, bell-shaped flowers and is known for its hardiness and ability to thrive in poor soils.


Famous for their intoxicating fragrance and beautiful white blooms, gardenias are a popular choice for gardens, although they require a bit more care to thrive.