8 Clothing Items You Should Never Wear at Disney Parks

Slip-on footwear

It's likely that you'll be walking a lot at Disney World. But don't let your desire to find shoes that are comfy get in the way of other things you need to do.

Heeled shoes

You should also stay away from slip-on shoes and flip-flops. You might think that high heels or heeled shoes will look good with your park outfit, but "don't be fooled."

Tied-on tops

When it comes to tops, you should steer clear of those that stay on solely by being tied.

Inappropriate graphic tees

"Disney parks aim to create a family-friendly atmosphere, and such clothing can disrupt that ambiance."

Floor-length clothing

Not only could it get caught in the machinery of rides and result in nasty injuries, but other people could also tread on it, or fall over it,

Nylon shirts

Disney's rules don't say that you can't wear nylon clothes. Still, you should stay away from them because they aren't always the best choice for hot places .

Oversized accessories

"You don't want anything getting caught up in the rides."

Clothing with sharp or pointy accessories

You will need to watch out for any accessories on your clothing as well.