8 Items at Dollar Tree That Cost Way More at Walmart

Greeting Cards:

 Dollar Tree often offers cards for 50 cents to a dollar, while similar cards at Walmart can cost several dollars.

Reading Glasses:

 You can find basic reading glasses at Dollar Tree, while similar styles might be priced higher at Walmart.

Party Supplies: 

Things like balloons, tablecloths, and party favors are typically a dollar or less at Dollar Tree, but similar items can cost more at Walmart.

Storage Containers: 

While they might not be as durable, you can find a range of storage bins and containers at Dollar Tree that are pricier in other stores.

Pregnancy Tests:

 Dollar Tree carries pregnancy tests for a dollar, which can be significantly more expensive at Walmart, even for the store brand.

Cleaning Supplies:

 Basic brushes, sponges, and other cleaning tools can often be found cheaper at Dollar Tree compared to Walmart.

Seasonal Decor:

 For holidays, Dollar Tree stocks a range of decorations that can sometimes be found at a higher price point in Walmart.

Craft Supplies: 

Items like beads, ribbons, and foam boards can be more affordable at Dollar Tree than at Walmart.

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