8 Secret Airline Perks You Didn't Know Existed

Aviation may be past its heyday, but it doesn't have to be awful now. There's nothing enticing about flying in a middle seat in economy, but

some airline benefits can improve your flight. Some are reserved for business-class passengers, while many are open to anyone.

Business class passengers always get a preferred check-in counter, but privileged frequent fliers can slow down the line.

Some airlines have business-class-only check-in areas. Delta One provides a free beverage bar upon check-in. Champagne, anyone?

Red-eye flights can be boring in business class. A post-flight refresh in an airline's arrivals lounge might brighten your arrival. Before leaving,

check with your airline about whether your airport has an arrivals lounge and whether passengers can use it. Virgin Atlantic's Heathrow

Airport arrivals lounge is a highlight, where passengers can shower, enjoy a full English breakfast, and watch the morning news.

Rushing to your destination? Experience standby on an earlier flight. Most airlines allow standby passengers to join a waitlist for extra seats on an earlier flight for free. 

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