8 Decorating Details That Prove Your House Is Southern

Antique Furniture

Incorporate vintage pieces like four-poster beds and heirloom dressers for a historic, elegant Southern feel.

Beadboard Walls

Add texture with shiplap or beadboard, classic wall treatments in traditional Southern homes.

Rocking Chairs

Embrace outdoor leisure with a porch featuring swings or rocking chairs, a hallmark of Southern hospitality.

Traditional Textiles

Use lace, toile, or gingham fabrics in window treatments and upholstery for a warm, charming touch.

Mason Jar Decorations

Utilize mason jars as vases, candle holders, or kitchen storage, symbolizing Southern simplicity and charm.

Indoor Plants

Decorate with fresh magnolias, hydrangeas, or indoor plants to bring nature's beauty indoors.

Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Enhance spaces with chandeliers or ornate fixtures with crystal, iron, or brass accents for elegance.

Personal Touches

Display family quilts, china, and photos to add personal history and warmth to your home.