9 Famously disastrous cars that were in fact pretty successful

The Ford Pinto became infamous for its safety issues related to fuel tank placement in rear-end collisions. Despite this, it sold well and remained popular due to its affordability and fuel efficiency.

Ford Pinto

The Chevy Vega faced problems with rust and engine durability, but it was a commercial success due to its stylish design and initial positive reception.

Chevrolet Vega 

The Yugo, a Yugoslavian import, had a reputation for poor build quality and reliability. However, it gained popularity due to its low price and basic transportation appeal.


 The Pontiac Aztek was often criticized for its polarizing design, but it found a dedicated fan base and strong sales as a practical and versatile crossover SUV.

Pontiac Aztek 

Commonly known as the "VW Bus" or "Microbus," the Type 2 had its share of reliability issues. Despite this, it became an iconic symbol of the counterculture movement and achieved significant commercial success.

Volkswagen Type 2

The AMC Gremlin faced criticism for its unusual design and safety concerns, but it was popular for its compact size, affordability, and fuel efficiency.

AMC Gremlin 

The Ford Explorer gained notoriety for safety issues related to its Firestone tires in the early 2000s. However, it remained successful and became one of the best-selling SUVs in the United States.

Ford Explorer 

While the original Volkswagen Beetle had its limitations, such as a lack of power and modern amenities, it achieved remarkable success and cultural significance, becoming one of the most-produced cars in history.

Volkswagen Beetle