9 Of The Best Trees To Plant Close To A House

Japanese Maple

Small, slow-growing with shallow roots, ideal for tight spaces. Offers stunning autumn colors, perfect as a landscape focal point.


Offers beautiful spring blossoms, small to medium size. Hardy, fits well in smaller gardens.


Small, low-maintenance, with lovely flowers and berries. Attracts wildlife, fits into compact spaces.


White spring flowers, edible berries, vibrant autumn leaves. Small to medium size, versatile for landscaping.

Eastern Redbud

Small to medium, with eye-catching pink spring flowers. Fits well in many landscape designs.


Famous for spring blossoms, thrives in various conditions. Suitable for smaller gardens.


Spectacular spring blossoms, small to medium in size. Ideal for adding spring color to landscapes.

Ornamental Pear

Tall but narrow growth, fits in limited spaces. Beautiful spring flowers, vibrant fall leaves.


Medium size, attractive foliage, disease-resistant. Suitable for a variety of landscaping needs.

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