All the Hidden Costs of Flying and How to Avoid Them

seat selection:

Some airlines charge for seat selection. Look for the airline's free seat selection window 24 hours before the trip.

Flying Food 

Many airlines charge for meals and snacks. Bring food and snacks from home or buy them at the airport

priority boarding

You can board the plane earlier with priority boarding, but it costs more. Consider whether this service is worth 

WiFi, entertainment:

Wi-Fi and entertainment are costly in flight. Save on entertainment by downloading movies, programs

Airport parking:

Long travels can cost a lot in airport parking. Consider off-site parking or public transit to the airport.

Transportation airport

Airport taxis and shuttles are expensive. Explore public transit and ride-sharing options for cheap mobility.

Travel insurance:

Travel insurance is an extra cost but provides peace of mind. Consider your travel needs and credit card or insurance coverage

Transaction Fees:

Credit card international transaction costs should be considered while booking flights or shopping overseas. 

Booking Fees

Flights booked last minute may cost more. Pre-book your trips to save money.

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