Americans Rank the 11 Worst States to Live in the United State

Often cited as one of the poorest and least economically developed states, Mississippi faces challenges in terms of education, healthcare, and overall quality of life.


High crime rates, vulnerability to natural disasters, and economic struggles are factors that have contributed to Louisiana's inclusion on such lists.


Similar to Mississippi, Alabama faces challenges related to poverty, education, and healthcare, which have been factors in its ranking among the states with lower qualities of life.


 While Arkansas offers natural beauty and a lower cost of living, it has faced challenges in areas such as education and healthcare, which contribute to its perception as a less desirable state.


Economic struggles, high poverty rates, and limited access to healthcare have been factors that have contributed to West Virginia's ranking among the states perceived as less desirable to live in.

West Virginia

Oklahoma has been included on such lists due to factors like high crime rates, low educational attainment, and limited access to healthcare.


Alaska can present challenges in terms of isolation, high living costs, and harsh weather conditions, which have contributed to its inclusion on lists of less desirable states.


Factors such as high crime rates, low educational attainment, and economic challenges have contributed to New Mexico's perception as a less desirable state to live in.

New Mexico