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Are you eating apples the right way? Don’t make this 1 mistake

Not Washing the Apple

Always wash your apple thoroughly before eating to remove any dirt, bacteria, or pesticide residue that may be present.

Peeling the Skin

The skin of the apple contains fiber and nutrients, so it's best to eat it. If you prefer not to eat the skin, consider choosing organic apples or thoroughly washing conventionally grown apples before peeling.

Not Removing the Sticker

Remember to remove the sticker on the apple before taking a bite. It's not edible and can be a choking hazard.

Cutting the Apple Incorrectly

When slicing an apple, avoid cutting it into thick slices as they can be difficult to eat. Instead, aim for thinner slices or bite-sized pieces for easier consumption.

Not Removing the Core

Make sure to remove the apple core, which contains seeds and can be tough to chew. You can use an apple corer or simply cut around the core.

Letting the Apple Brown

If you're not planning to eat the entire apple in one sitting, prevent browning by squeezing lemon juice over the exposed flesh or placing the cut apple in a bowl of water with a little lemon juice added.

Eating Overripe Apples

Overripe apples can be mushy and less enjoyable to eat. Choose apples that are firm and crisp for the best eating experience.

Not Pairing Apples with Other Foods

Apples can be a versatile ingredient in various dishes and can be paired with other foods like cheese, nut butter, or yogurt. Experiment with different combinations to enhance the flavor.