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Best 10 Fast Foods for WeightWatchers

Veggie Delight:

This sandwich is low in points, especially when you load up on veggies and skip the cheese and high-point condiments.

Chicken Sandwich:

Opt for the grilled chicken sandwich without the bun for a lower-point option.

Bowl with Chicken:

Load up on lettuce, beans, chicken, and salsa for a satisfying and low-point meal.

Poppyseed Salad:

A refreshing salad option that's lower in points.

Delight McMuffin:

A lighter breakfast option that's lower in points compared to other breakfast sandwiches.

Soft Tacos:

Choose chicken or steak with salsa for a lower-point taco option.

Egg Bites:

A protein-rich option that's lower in points.

Small Chili:

A hearty and satisfying option that's relatively low in points.

Grilled Chicken Breast:

A lower-fat and lower-point alternative to fried chicken.

Veggie Wake-Up Wrap:

A lower-point breakfast option that's filling and flavorful.