7 Best Patterns to Wear If You're Over 50

Age is just a number, especially in fashion. Discover the nine patterns that are both stylish and flattering for women over 50.

patterns for women over 50

Vertical or horizontal, stripes are timeless. They can elongate the figure and add a touch of sophistication.

1. Classic Stripes

A playful yet classic pattern, polka dots offer a youthful vibe without being overly trendy.

2. Polka Dots

Opt for larger, muted floral patterns for an elegant and feminine touch that's never out of style.

3. Floral Prints

This intricate pattern exudes elegance and can be both bold or subtle, depending on the color palette.

4. Paisley

A classic pattern that's both chic and sophisticated, houndstooth is perfect for jackets, skirts, and accessories.

5. Houndstooth

These patterns are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Opt for softer colors for a modern twist.

6. Plaid & Tartan

Shapes like hexagons, diamonds, and triangles can be both modern and timeless, especially in muted tones.

7. Geometric Patterns

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