Costco Is Opening Its First Location In This East Coast State

Costco's growth has been consistent across the United States and abroad. The largest wholesale club in the country has big ambitions for 

the upcoming fiscal year 2023, with the opening of 27 additional warehouses all over the world, 14 of which will be located in the United 

States. At least three of the new stores will be situated in the Lone Star State, which is home to the largest Sam's Club presence of any state.

CNBC reports that Costco will earn $222.7 billion in 2022, while Sam's will earn $73.6 billion, but Sam's has slightly more locations.

In contrast to Sam's Club's "almost 600," Costco has 585 warehouses across the US. Sam's Club, which is owned by Walmart,

does not disclose how many locations it has. However, data-mining service SmartScrapers estimates there to be 598.

It's possible that by the time Sam's newest shop opens in 2024, the two clubs may have identical footprints, thanks to Costco's fast opening timetable for this year.

Costco has a minor coverage advantage over its primary competition in terms of state. While Sam's Club is present in 45 states and territories, 

Costco is present in 46 (including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia with 5 locations). The slight edge that Costco currently has may soon grow.

Hopkins said that upgrades to the Sockanossett Cross Road infrastructure are needed before construction can begin. 

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