Costco's Potential Membership Fee Increases

Costco has numerous variations from your regular grocery shop, but membership costs are one of the biggest. Costco requires membership 

cards to visit warehouses and browse its bulk products aisles, unlike Walmart and Whole Foods, which allow anybody to shop.

There are other ways to purchase at Costco without an annual membership, such as using Instacart to deliver groceries or buying a gift 

card to spend a specified amount. If you want to shop at Costco without restrictions, you must pay.

Costco's Gold Star membership costs $60 and its Executive membership $120. Analysts and Costco expect things to change in the future

Here's all we know about Costco's planned membership cost increases, even though no details have been announced.

Costco may boost membership costs in 2023 despite not having done so yet. Costco has hinted at another membership fee hike since 2022.

Last December, Costco CFO Richard Galanti told investors that fee increases are "a question of when, not if," adding, "I'll be purposefully 

coy on when that might be." The following month, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek announced at the annual shareholder meeting that membership 

Our opinion is that now is not the time. Though we may in the future, we have no plans to pay the fee "stated.

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