Couple has impromptu wedding on Southwest flight to Las Vegas

Southwest Airlines posted images of Jeremy and Pam (Patterson) Salda's wedding on their Facebook page Thursday.

The airline explained how this odd coupling occurred: "Pam and Jeremy joked about flying to Vegas to get married last Tuesday. 

The couple from Oklahoma City landed at Dallas-Fort Worth to find their connection canceled. However, Chris Mitcham, an ordained clergyman 

They all boarded a Southwest flight leaving Dallas Love Field Airport, across the city, in less than an hour.

"We take an Uber and say, "We need to get to Love Field." Floor it," the bride told AZ Central. And he did. He's driving in the rain. 

Yes, the bride and groom wore their wedding clothes—her white dress and his dark suit. Southwest pilots had to question what was going on when they saw them.

Pam told Captain Gil their story and suggested they marry on the trip. Pam was astonished again that week when she heard, 'Let's do it!' "Facebook post.

The minister received "toilet paper streamers and a snack mix sash" from the crew, while flight attendant Julie Reynolds was maid of honor.

AZ Central reports Reynolds downloaded Richard Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" before the flight. "We haven’t had fun on a plane in two years,"

Mitcham recorded the entire affair with a video camera, and a passenger donated a powdered donut as a wedding cake.

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