Couple has impromptu wedding on Southwest flight

Southwest Airlines posted wedding images on Facebook Thursday from Jeremy and Pam (Patterson) Salda, who surprisingly married on their trip

The airline described how this unconventional union became possible: "Pam and Jeremy joked about flying to Vegas to get married last Tuesday. 

Soon enough, they realized the other wasn't joking and booked a trip on one of our competitors for Sunday with a Vegas wedding chapel appointment for Sunday night."

The pair arrived in Dallas-Fort Worth from Oklahoma City to find their connection canceled. Another passenger,

Chris Mitcham, an ordained priest who was going to Vegas, learned about their plans.

They all got seats on a Southwest flight leaving Dallas Love Field Airport, across the city, in less than an hour.

We jump in an Uber and say, "We need to get to Love Field." “Floor it,” the bride told AZ Central. "He did. Driving in the rain. Very cool. 

We dash past security, me in the dress. His luggage are out. Just as boarding begins, we arrive at the gate."

The bride and groom wore their wedding attire—her white dress and his dark suit. When a Southwest pilot saw them, he asked what was up.

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