Delta Air Lines Turns To Its Most Frequent Flyer

Delta Air Lines has asked its most frequent flier, Todd O., for comments on how to improve its customer experience and other services. The

invitation follows the carrier's recent SkyMiles loyalty program improvements, including a policy adjustment.

According to Delta Air Lines, Todd O. has flown 14 million miles in 40 years, making him “a wellspring of knowledge and experience for a

company that prides itself on listening to customer feedback.” Delta Air Lines invited their most loyal customer to tour its Atlanta headquarters

Todd said he keeps flying Delta Air Lines owing to its “operational reliability” and employees. "You can't see it, but you feel it when you're

on Delta." He also praised the airline's straightforward communication and TSA relationship to alleviate airport security stress.

Delta Air Lines reported that Todd met with Allison Ausband, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer, and two other

top management to discuss his input. Leaders “believed others at Delta would be amazed to see what he has accomplished and would integrate

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