Don't Make These 7 Entryway Decor Mistakes

Wrong Sized Decor

One of the most common issues revolves around the scale of decor and how it works in the space.

Disorganized Decor

Who has hurriedly piled up their shoes, coats, and bags when entering or leaving the house? We've all done this once or twice.

Seasonal Changes

This isn’t exactly a common mistake, but it’s a missed opportunity for making your entryway look as stylish as possible.

Insufficient Lighting

Entryway illumination is essential. Bright enough to be useful but warm and inviting. Balancing overhead and accent lighting is possible.

Personal Touches

Family photos, a beloved piece of art, or unusual decorations can make your foyer feel more linked to your home and represent your personality.

Seating Area

If space allows, including a bench or chair in your entryway is not only functional for putting on shoes but also makes the space feel more complete and inviting.

Neglecting The Floor

The appropriate rug or mat may add style and protect floors from grime and wetness. Make sure the rug fits and is easy to clean.

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