Drinking Lettuce Water to Fall Asleep Faster?

You've probably seen TikTok's many sleep hacks. Some may be doubtful, but others are backed by experts and

raved about by users. Consider lettuce water. TikTok users say drinking lettuce water helps them fall asleep faster.

Now, you may have some thoughts. How are you making this concoction? Gross taste? Is it another hyped trend that fails? These queries are valid.

It's easy to make: boil water, add romaine lettuce, and steep for 10 minutes. Get drunk and feel the affects.

In her lettuce water video, TikToker @shapla_11 explained, "Apparently, it makes you sleepy, so I'll try it." Shapla soaked her lettuce in hot water with

peppermint tea for flavor and noted that it doesn't make her tired, so it wouldn't affect outcomes. Shapla reported feeling slightly drowsy after

steeping the lettuce, but not knockout-like sleepiness. She will post a video of herself falling asleep in bed next. Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler

We know about TikTok's excitement; let's hear from our experts. "I cannot find any research in humans to support the use of drinking lettuce water

before bed to help one feel sleepy," said Medical Expert Board member Deena Adimoolam, MD, a primary care preventive and endocrinology specialist. 

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