Eight Essentials of A WFH Wardrobe

Favorite Jeans

On business-casual Fridays, you may have worn your favorite jeans to work. Now you can make them the base of your outfit.

Comfortable Button-Downs

Keep a few of your favorite button-downs ironed and on standby for special presentations.

Grooming Routine

Putting on light makeup or brushing your hair could help you get in a mindset that’s ready for the workday

A Casual Hoodie

If you’re cold, a hoodie can help walk the fine line between work wear and lounge wear.

Standard White T-shirt

A white t-shirt goes with any outfit, from high-waisted jeans to a skirt. You’ll feel comfortable and look great.

Friday Sweatpants

Whether you prefer joggers or sweatpants, they’re a great way to celebrate the end of the week while you’re hunkering down.

Summer Shorts

These are light, look great and are comfortable so you can wear them often and not feel like you’re repeating your outfits.

Favorite Watch

A watch will help you track time while you make lunch or walk the dog. It’s  ideal for staying on top of tasks, and boosting your productivity.