Eight Ideas For Routine Breaks

Mini Exercise

Energize with short exercises like stretching or a brisk walk. Boosts blood flow and cognitive function.


Practice mindfulness or meditation for a few minutes to clear your mind and reduce stress.

Nature Break

Step outside for fresh air and sunshine, a quick walk in nature rejuvenates your mood and energy.

Creative Activity

Engage in quick creative tasks like doodling or crafting to stimulate your brain.

Tea/Coffee Break

Savor the ritual of preparing and enjoying tea or coffee as a calming break.

Social Interaction

Chat with a colleague or friend briefly, boosting your mood through socializing.


Listen to music or a podcast while relaxing or walking, for a pleasant mental break.

Reading Break

Read something non-work-related, whether it's a chapter of a book, an article, or a short story. This can be a nice mental escape and a way to relax your mind.