Expert Approved Apartment Organization Ideas And Products To Tidy Up Your Space

Hair Tools Organizer

To avoid clutter, use an organizer for your hair tools. This can accommodate even hot tools safely, keeping your bathroom tidy.

Bathroom Rolling Cart

A narrow, three-tier cart is perfect for bathrooms with limited cabinet space. It can hold bath products, towels, and hair tools, making it a versatile storage option.

Suction Shower Shelves

For added storage in the shower, consider suction shelves. These are ideal for apartments without custom shelving in the shower area.

Bookshelf With Baskets

In your living room, use a bookshelf where some shelves have baskets for storage, while others can display decorative items.

Coffee Table

A coffee table that doubles as storage space is great for holding board games, books, or extra decor items.

Blanket Basket

Keep all your blankets in one place with a blanket basket. This makes them easily accessible for guests and helps keep your living space organized.

Under-The-Bed Storage

Utilize the space under your bed to store out-of-season clothes or extra bedding.