First Time in Eight Years, McDonald's Will Do This

McDonald's has been shrinking for nearly a decade, yet its widespread presence may blind you.

Restaurant Business reports that the chain has closed more sites than it has opened for eight years and has the fewest U.S. outlets in 20 years.

However, America's fast-food favorite can finally increase restaurant volume. McDonald's Corp.

CFO Kevin Ozan stated in last week's results call that the business plans to establish new U.S. stores for the first time since 2014.

Ozan expects more than 500 new outlets in the U.S. and other significant international markets in 2022.

Or Kempczinski said McDonald's plans to open 500 more outlets in 2022, but their locations are unknown.

The chain is the third-largest behind Subway and Starbucks with little under 13,500 domestic locations. McDonald's is second only to Subway globally 

According to Restaurant Business, the firm closed 239 restaurants last year to increase sales by location rather than customer count. The number of

unsuccessful restaurants, including those in Walmart stores, dropped from approximately 900 to 150 between 2012 and 2021.

Some of its locations lack dining rooms, and 1% have limited hours due to understaffing. Increasing drive-thru wait times reflect the labor scarcity. 

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