Health Trends That Aren't Actually Good For You

Fat Free Goods

Most people assume a low-fat or fat-free diet helps them lose weight. Healthy fats like nuts and avocados should make up 20–35% of your daily calories.

Juice Cleanse 

Juice cleanses have gained popularity in recent years due to its promise to "detoxify" the digestive system and improve overall well-being.

Calorie Reduction

A weight loss journey usually involves calculating calories and cutting back. It's a risky travel because the body may react poorly.

Mineral And Vitamin Supplements

Vegans who need vitamin B12 supplements are among those with nutrient deficits.

Plastic Sweating Off

Quick-fix products are sometimes marketed as "miraculous," but the drawbacks often outweigh the benefits. One example is the sauna suit, a plastic garment worn over gym clothes to increase sweating.

Zero Carb Diet

Carb-free diets are promoted as the best weight loss method. Eliminating low-nutrient carbohydrates is excellent, but cutting carbs completely isn't healthful or suggested.

Raw Diet

Raw-food diets, like fresh fruit and vegetables, are nutritious. A diet like this may lack essential nutrients. Carrot beta-carotene is more absorbed when cooked.

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