How To Be A Good Dog Owner In 7 Steps

Pick A Breed

If you adore a breed, research it. Does this breed suit your lifestyle and space?Consider what you want and can give a dog and find a breed that fits.

Contact Ethical Breeders

Puppy farms don't prioritize animal welfare. They breed many puppies without considering the canines' health or prospects.

Expect Inquiries

When buying or picking up a puppy or dog, ask questions. Any concerns? Say so. Ask about the dog's diet, upbringing, and likes and dislikes.

Lovingly Adopt An Aging Dog

As people rush to adopt puppies, older shelter pets are less likely to find new homes. Older dogs are neutered, less disruptive at home, and the rescue organization may provide their history.

Take Your Time

The perfect puppy is supposedly waiting for you. There may not be a “perfect” dog!

Avoid Birthdays

Dogs don't know the day. It's wonderful for kids to celebrate a dog's birthday with cake and presents, but a dog prefers a routine and won't understand why they're being spoiled and forced to blow out candles.

The Value Of Contracts

Always get adoption or selling details in writing. This should contain costs, neutering agreements, breeding limitations, living conditions, and what will happen to the dog if you can't care for them.

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