How To Tell If You're An Empath


The first one is a little obvious, but you may be an empath if you feel a lot of empathy! This means you have the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others.

Overwhelmed By Intimacy

Due to their sensitivity, empaths can find intimacy overpowering, especially in love relationships.

Good Intuition

Hypersensitivity to others can improve your intuition. When something is wrong or someone is lying, you sense it.

Peace In Nature

Nature comforts empaths more than others. They seek peace and quiet away from overpowering sensations, sounds, and emotions.

Crowded Places Are Overwhelming

Empaths can be sensitive to any sensory stimuli, not just emotions. Loud noises can be overwhelming.

Very Caring

As an empath, it’s very difficult not to care about something. You might feel an intense urge to help someone you really have no responsibility for

A Sympathetic Ear

People typically tell empaths their troubles. They are good listeners and have high empathy, making them understanding and compassionate.