Makeup Mistakes That Could Make You Look Older

Makeup that ages you

You can purchase anti-aging lotions and serums, but if you make cosmetic blunders that make you seem older, it's wasted time, energy, and money.

Skipping primer

the greatest primers smooth skin and fill in creases and wrinkles (or diffuse them) to help makeup apply more easily.

Selecting the wrong foundation

Super-heavy foundations may not be the greatest for skin with fine lines and wrinkles since they go into those creases and bring attention to them.

Using the wrong application method

Dirty fingers may spread germs to clean skin and cause sagging by pushing and pulling.

Applying too much powder

If you've worked hard to prevent cosmetic blunders that age you, you don't want it to fade off. Setting powder secures everything. Using too much is wrong.

Overdrawing your brows

You may have heard that unlined brows are one of the top cosmetic blunders that age you. It's true: Well-shaped brows may open your eyes, improve your face, and erase years.

Using old, dirty makeup brushes

Bacteria on dirty brushes cause breakouts, acne scars, and dark patches. Old, rough, filthy brushes damage makeup application and skin.

Going with a too-light shade of under-eye concealer

Most women use concealer daily, but that doesn't mean they're applying it properly. Many use a too-light concealer in hopes that it and anti-aging eye treatments would eliminate under-eye darkness.

Adding too much definition with shadow

Heavy crease eye shadow may make eyes seem sunken. Another cosmetic guideline to know by 40: Crow's feet may be highlighted by darker shadows.

Using the wrong lip liner

Lip pencils may define your pout when used correctly, despite the association with bare lips and heavy liner.

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