McDonald's Shut Down a Genius New Sandwich

Menu hacks have always been a fun way to reimagine fast-food orders, and sometimes they become permanent. McDonald's customers are 

inspired by hash browns. While some have been making ice cream sandwiches from crispy potatoes, a McDonald's chef discovered that a 

breakfast sandwich on hash browns almost made the menu. Unfortunately, the corporation rejected the imaginative proposal.

"They were very hesitant to do this for me at my McDonald's," he says before eating. He said he avoided the drive-thru and got the off-menu 

sandwich at the counter, which "made it a lot easier," and that if they didn't do it, he'd order the items separately to assemble it himself.

Chef Mike Haracz, McDonald's former culinary innovations manager, responded with a video. He claims he tried to get the hash brown 

sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on McDonald's morning menu during his time there, but it failed for many reasons.

"I was told it's too many calories, operationally complex, and too many people order it," Haracz said. The video title adds, "They [McDonald's]

A second video by Haracz explored the potential kitchen pandemonium a hash brown breakfast sandwich could cause.

"You can only cook so many items at a time," he says, and timing affects how and what is cooked. He specified time restrictions for cooking

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