Pizza Hut Is Being Sued For Harassing Customers

Fast-food businesses have sent many consumers annoying advertising text texts. Pizza Hut is accused of harassing customers with its marketing SMS.

The Takeout stated that a customer is suing the pizza shop for sending him promotional texts months after he opted out. The class action 

lawsuit argues that these unsolicited messages violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which bans telemarketing calls and messages.

The plaintiff, Danuel Cortez, claims he stopped receiving Pizza Hut texts in April 2022 but received them for two months. According to the 

lawsuit, these SMS "resulted in the invasion of privacy, harassment, aggravation, and disruption of the daily life of thousands of individuals."

Cortez wants a trial and statutory damages from the firm. If you experienced a similar Pizza Hut encounter, this case may apply to you. 

The complaint applies to consumers who received promotional texts from the restaurant after opting out in the last four years.

This is just the latest lawsuit against major restaurant companies this year. Chipotle sued Sweetgreen in April for adding a "Chipotle-Chicken 

Burrito Bowl" to its menu. The lawsuit accused Sweetgreen of selling a chicken burrito bowl similar to Chipotle's using its trademarked name 

and branding. The problem was swiftly settled when Sweetgreen renamed the menu item the "Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl."

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