Transform Your Look with These Short Hair Styles

1. Pixie Cut

This timeless style is both edgy and feminine, making it an immutable option for those who want short hair.

2. Bob with Bangs

A bob haircut with fringe is contemporary and youthful. Choose side-swept or straight-across sideburns based on your face shape.

3. Shaggy Bob

This retro-inspired design features layers and waves for a bohemian appearance.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

This edgy cut features longer front pieces and shorter back sections, giving a contemporary twist to the traditional bob.

5. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut offers a complete transformation and the ultimate low-maintenance style for the audacious and daring.

6. Tapered Cut

This cut is shorter on the sides and lengthier on top, providing a figure-flattering silhouette and numerous styling options.

7. Undercut

With shorter sides and back and lengthier hair on top, an undercut allows for a variety of styling options, from slicked-back to free-flowing.

8. Curly Pixie

If you have natural curls, a pixie haircut can showcase them wonderfully.

9. Slicked-Back Style

Ideal for formal occasions, a hairstyle that allows you to slick back your hair will give you a polished and sophisticated appearance.

10. Blunt Bob

The straight-across cut of a blunt bob can be both startling and elegant.

11. Wavy Bob

If you have natural waves, a short bob can accentuate your texture while providing a stylish, low-maintenance look.