Secret Side Effects of Playing Golf

A 1991 enthusiastic golfer who entered a time machine and was quickly spewed out in 2021 would be confused. Composite-material equipment

launching balls 350 yards, ultra low-spin golf balls that hang in the air forever, amateur golf club fittings, and TrackMan, a revolutionary new device 

Of course, not all golfers are fit. Many amateur golfers in the U.S. drink beer while playing and riding on golf carts, and many utilize it as a chance to get away from the house. 

"Walking is cool again," a California golfer told The New York Times in "Golf Carts Are Parked, Walking Is In and, Yes, It's Exercise."

The UK website Skilled Golf recently merged well-known (and regularly mentioned) Harvard Medical School research with other datasets to determine which "leisure"

Golf is more than a long stroll with extra weight. Other perks of playing the game exist. Read on for some.

Last summer's study found that golfing improves muscle strength and stability, especially for senior players. Researchers attracted several non-golfers to a public course 

Anyone who has studied "a proper turn" in golf knows that the swing is an athletic movement that requires flexibility. "

Many golfers become irritated and break their clubs or quit, making this one dubious. Golf is a good outlet for most amateurs. 

Regular golf games with friends are a great way to stay connected, especially as you age and your social calendar shrinks. It may extend your life.

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