Color Your Hair Based On Your Eyes And Complexion

Warm & Glowing Complexion

If your skin is bright and warm, with green, hazel, or brown eyes nearing fall tones, brown or red hair will complement you best.

Caramel Brown

Brown is the king of hair colors and comes in various tones. Then, a brighter one like a balayage caramel brown is suggested.

Hazelnut Brown

Chocolate is another wonderful brown for warm, deep complexion and green or hazelnut eyes. Even Angelina Jolie wears it, a very rich brown that leans coppery red.

Black Hair

Do you have porcelain skin, brown eyes, and winter shades? Then choose an intriguing color like black with blue or brown highlights.


Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, and Emma Stone (shown) have porcelain complexion and light eyes, thus they wear red.

Dark Blonde

Blond is a popular color. Unfortunately, not everyone likes it. If you have light skin and hazel eyes, choose a dark blonde.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is another popular blonde that's hard to match! For whom is this near-white shade good? Watch the following slide.

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