Seven Home Rules You Are Probably Breaking

Remove Shoes At The Door

Start the house rules conversation at the front entrance. Homeowners should remove shoes indoors to avoid spreading dirt, bacteria, or dog poop.

Clean Hands

Washing hands after using the bathroom was the most popular guideline (47.7%).

Take Out Bins

Since weekly bin collection is one of the worst home regulations, we recommend a rota to avoid family fights.

No Thermostat Adjustments

The thermostat debate! Smart home developments mean that if you raise the thermostat temperature when urged not to, the bill-payer will be notified via app, perhaps causing conflict.

Do Dishes

Enforce 'never take dishes into tomorrow' in the family by adding it to the household rule list. Even dishwasher owners must clean up.

Wipe Countertops

How to clean your home professionally and keep countertops crumb-free. Always wiping down kitchen surfaces after meals might become a habit.

Turn Off TV

People who turn off their TVs should get energy-saving credits. And bonus points for returning the remote to its original place so the next user can find it.

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