Seven Unusual Signs Of Dehydration You Should Know About

Bad Breath

Your body produces less saliva, which has antimicrobial characteristics, when dehydrated. This can cause bad breath by overgrowing oral bacteria.

Dry Or Flushed Skin

A lack of adequate hydration can cause your skin to lose its moisture, leading to dryness.

Muscle Cramps

When you're dehydrated, your muscles might lose fluid and electrolytes, leading to cramps, especially during or after exercise.

Fever And Chills

In more severe cases, dehydration can disrupt your body's ability to regulate temperature, potentially leading to fever and chills.

Food Cravings

When dehydrated, your body might have difficulty with glycogen production, leading to cravings for food, particularly sweets.


Dehydration can cause the brain to temporarily contract or shrink from fluid loss. This mechanism can cause headaches or dizziness as the brain pulls away from the skull.

Fatigue Or Lethargy

Lack of fluids can affect your body's energy levels and performance, leading to feelings of extreme fatigue or lethargy.