Southwest Airlines Expands Booking Access

Airline losses are rising due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although the initial suffering is real, many airlines are eager to welcome more passengers back.

Southwest Airlines hopes to rebound and become stronger. It plans to change its distribution approach. Global distribution systems (GDS) now

offer much of the airline's content and booking capabilities at an industry-standard level, not only a basic booking level.

The airline announced in August 2019 that it would dramatically increase its GDS content through agreements with Travelport and Amadeus after nearly 50 years in existence.

The airline's initiative to make most of its tickets available in the GDS improves its business traveler outreach and corporate travel partner experience.

Most major U.S. airlines participate at an industry-standard level in Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre. Southwest had limited Sabre and Apollo

involvement before May's launch. Southwest's SWABIZ and API direct connect channels handled most corporate bookings. 

The deal will give Amadeus and Travelport industry-standard access to Southwest's prices and functionality, allowing travel managers to adjust and cancel trips

This transition to the GDS will affect SWABIZ, the airline's direct corporate booking tool. However, Southwest Business senior manager, strategy and relations Eric Hall said, 

“We’re not too concerned about business moving from one channel to another. We know our API contains many GDS-eligible firms.

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