Southwest Just Partnered With Amazon Web Services

After canceling thousands of flights during the Christmas week, Southwest Airlines is teaming with Amazon to reduce technical disruptions.

Southwest stated Wednesday that its relationship with Amazon's AWS will enable digital ticket purchasing and trip optimization. 

Southwest has experience with clouds at 30,000 feet, but Amazon's cloud expertise will provide the digital backbone 

Southwest's technological enhancements come months after it canceled over 15,000 flights during the holidays, stranding millions of travelers and

prompting government hearings. The Denver Airport told T+L that Southwest cancellations caused over 1,000 travelers to sleep overnight. 

Southwest Airlines' representative told T+L, “The partnership with AWS is part of our long-term plan to keep our airline

resilient and secure, while delivering the capabilities our Employees need to better serve our Customers every day.”

Southwest stated that the alliance aims to “improve reliability,” by modernizing airline operations. The agreement should improve customer

service and crew scheduling. The tools used will also allow the airline's IT and Data Science teams to easily modify or try new technologies. 

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