Southwest refused to board a mother and child because

A flight with a crying baby may be quite irritating for everyone, especially the mother, who is usually ashamed and fatigued.

However, crying kids on planes is just one of the numerous inconveniences that travelers 

experience on a regular basis, and for most people, it's not the end of the world. Perhaps a small nuisance.

Sure, the scenario can become confrontational in some situations, as it occurred recently on another flight when an adult lost his mind and began

throwing a tantrum when a baby sobbed for 30 minutes straight. However, in most circumstances, passengers just go with it.

According to a recent case out of Dallas, a Southwest Airlines gate worker sought to deny boarding to a mother and her baby because the baby was sobbing.

A traveler with the handle /ccagan described what he witnessed during the boarding procedure when a staffer

allegedly became hostile with the mother and mentioned a nonexistent policy in a post to the /Southwest subreddit.

Fortunately, the poster intervened and informed the woman that no such regulation exists and that a screaming baby is not a grounds to prohibit boarding. 

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