Surprising Side Effects of Black Pepper

High black pepper consumption can cause stomach discomfort, heartburn, and acid reflux, especially in sensitive stomachs.

Due to rare allergies, black pepper may cause reactions. Allergic reactions range from skin rashes and itching to breathing difficulties and anaphylaxis.

Black pepper includes piperine, which might hinder drug absorption. It may impact drug metabolism and efficacy.

Insensitive people may cough or sneeze after inhaling black pepper dust or particles, especially in large volumes.

When ingested in large amounts, black pepper's harsh, pungent flavor can irritate or damage mucous membranes of the mouth

Black pepper's spiciness comes from piperine, which can induce side effects in excessive amounts. Too much piperine can cause headaches

Due to its digestive system-irritating properties, black pepper may worsen symptoms in those with GERD, ulcers, or inflammatory bowel disease.

Sensitive people may have skin irritation from black pepper or piperine. Handling copious black pepper may cause skin redness or discomfort.

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