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The 10 Best Night Blooming Flowers For A Moon Garden


As the name suggests, moonflowers bloom at night, releasing a sweet fragrance. They are fast-growing vines that can climb trellises or fences.


This plant produces small, white flowers that emit a strong, sweet fragrance at night. It is a tropical shrub that can be grown in containers or in the ground.

Angel's Trumpet:

Angel's trumpet produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers that hang downward. They bloom at night and have a strong, sweet fragrance.

Night Phlox:

Also known as midnight candy, night phlox produces small, star-shaped flowers that release a sweet, honey-like fragrance at night.

Evening Primrose:

Evening primrose produces bright yellow flowers that bloom in the evening and close by morning. The flowers attract pollinators like moths.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum:

This cactus plant produces large, white flowers that bloom only at night. The flowers are fragrant and can be up to 12 inches long.


This group of cacti produces large, showy flowers that bloom at night and last only one night. The flowers are often white or creamy in color.

Night Gladiolus:

This variety of gladiolus produces creamy white flowers that are fragrant at night. The flowers bloom on tall spikes and attract night-flying pollinators.

Mirabilis jalapa:

Four o'clocks produce trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the late afternoon and remain open until morning.

Water Lily:

This water lily produces fragrant white flowers that open at night and close by morning.